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  • Where is Braids That Speak Located?
    Braids That Speak has locations in both Maryland and Georgia, with specific details as follows: Maryland: Temporary location in Bowie, MD: 1144 Gallant Fox Lane, Bowie, MD. A future location is planned for Clinton, MD, close to the Andrews Air Force Base. Georgia: In Lawrenceville, GA: 965 Oakland Blvd, Lawrenceville, GA. The exact location details are typically provided after booking an appointment due to the salon's policy of not accepting walk-ins. This ensures privacy and security for both the clientele and the establishment. Always confirm the current address and appointment details directly with the salon to ensure you have the most accurate and updated information. Dallas: Braids That Speak also has a sister salon named Bomb Hair Studio located in Addison, Texas. For further details about services, bookings, and specific location information, it's best to visit Bomb Hair Studio's website. They will have the most current information on offerings, prices, and any specific policies or requirements they might have for their clients.
  • What's the different between Microlocs & Sisterlocks?
    PS. We don't provide Sisterlock services. To learn more about it, please search online. We prefer only to talk about what we know best.
  • Four Stages of Hair Locking
    These loc stages mainly apply to Microlocs installed with the natural hair.
  • What are Microlocs with Extensions?
    Microlocs with extensions are petite locs crafted from two-strand twists or three-strand braids, complemented with hair extensions. This method instantly amplifies the versatility and length of one's hair. While stylists can use various types of extensions, including synthetic, human hair, or a combination, it's recommended to choose human hair that closely mirrors one's own texture. Additionally, considering how the extensions will age is crucial. In 2021, Tatiana Nchotu introduced Belle Microlocs® . These are essentially microlocs with extensions, but exclusively using kinky human hair.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Loc Parting Size?
    Your loc parting size is a blend of your personal preference and our expert recommendations based on your unique hair profile. At Braids that Speak, we offer three sizes: Standard, Micro, and an in-between size. Here’s a breakdown: 1. Density Matters: Medium/High Density Hair: Flexible! Can suit any part size. Low Density Hair: Best with in-between or standard part sizes. 2. Hair Loss Consideration: If experiencing hair loss, we recommend standard partings. It's because hair loss can progress, and a solid foundation ensures your locs remain supported and healthy. 3. Size Impacts Count and Maintenance: Micro Parts: Smaller locs and higher count. Note: Smaller locs may have higher maintenance costs. 4. Budget Consideration: If you're on a budget, keep in mind that smaller locs might cost more to maintain. At Braids That Speak, our approach is holistic. We think long-term, ensuring each client's style is tailored to their hair health and lifestyle. Always consult with us to find the best fit! Standard Part (below) In-Between (mostly for people with low density hair) Micro Parts (below)
  • Top Reasons Clients Choose Our Microlocs Services
    Top Reasons Clients Choose Our Microlocs Services Quality of Service: Clients appreciate the range and quality of services we provide. Preferred Method: Our unique installation method resonates with many. Attention to Detail: Clients value our meticulous approach and the precision in our work. Admiration Over Time: Many have been observing and admiring our craftsmanship for a while. Natural Appearance: Our Microlocs stand out for their natural and authentic look. Serendipity: Some clients felt destined to find us, especially when our style popped up in their feed after a long search. Our commitment is to continue providing exceptional services that resonate with our client's needs and desires.
  • What is the expected cost of starting and maintaining starter microlocs?
    For those considering starting and maintaining starter microlocs, it's crucial to understand the associated costs. Here's a breakdown: Starting Cost: Natural Hair: Microlocs that use your natural hair begin at $1155. Service Variation: The price varies depending on your preferred method of installation: Twists or Braids: The cost increases based on which service type you select. Twists are cheaper because it takes less time to install. Hair Length: The shorter your hair, the cheaper your install will cost while the longer your hair length the more expensive your install. Micro Parts: Opting for micro parts will add an additional $400 to your bill. Maintenance Cost: The cost for maintaining your microlocs starts at $170. Additional Information: Price Fluctuation: It's essential to be aware that our prices are subject to change without prior notice. Payment Plans: We understand that financial flexibility is crucial, which is why we offer payment plans. If this is something you might be interested in, kindly indicate during your consultation. Make sure to view our pricing and menu to keep in touch with the salon for the most up-to-date pricing. Your journey to beautiful microlocs is an investment in your style, confidence, and self-expression!
  • What's the Minimum Hair Length for Microlocs?
    To qualify for our services, ensure your hair is at least 4 inches long everywhere. 1. Microlocs using Natural Hair: If some sections are shorter, we can integrate extensions to even out the length. When those sections mature into locs, you can choose to remove the extensions if desired. See example here. 2. Microlocs with Extensions/Belle Microlocs: For extensions, hair under 4 inches, especially soft or fine hair, might experience slippage. Waiting a few more months is recommended for stability. There are extra charges for repairing or replacing slipped locs so it's best to prevent this by waiting a bit. Refrain from trimming your hair immediately before your appointment. Ideally, trim 1-2 months before, ensuring the ends aren't too sharp. This is vital for those with particularly fine or super soft kinky hair. 3. Pre-Installation Hair Trimming Tips: Trim 1-2 months before your installation. Aim for non-blunt ends when trimming to ensure the best results with your microlocs.
  • What are Microlocs?
    Microlocs are small-sized locs that are formed using three methods: two-strand twists, three-strand braids or interlocking. If you want them longer right away, you can add extensions. At Braids that Speak, we offer two ways to install Microlocs. We use either two strand twists or three strand braids. You can choose to have them with your natural hair or add extensions.
  • Which Microlocs Services do we Provide?
    At Braids that Speak, we specialize in a select range of Microlocs services. Each service is detailed during our virtual consultation, where we discuss the advantages and nuances of every type. Twist Styles: 1. Belle Microlocs Twists Comprises two-strand twists enhanced with human hair extensions. 2. Microlocs Twists Created using your natural hair, these are two-strand twists. Braid Styles: 1. Belle Microlocs Braids Features three-strand braids enriched with human hair extensions. 2. Microlocs Braids These are three-strand braids made using your own hair. One this for sure is that at Braids that Speak, there is something for everyone. For more information or to get a clearer picture, book a consultation with us here.
  • How Should I Prepare for my Microlocs Appointment?
    For your Microlocs Appointment, it's essential to come prepared to ensure a comfortable and smooth experience. Here's a checklist of items and considerations for your appointment: Forms & Policy: Sign All Forms: Make sure to sign all required forms that are texted to you ahead of your appointment. This ensures we have all the necessary information to cater to your needs and expectations. Policy Review: Thoroughly read over the salon's policy. Familiarizing yourself with it helps set clear expectations, and it's vital to agree with all the terms before your session. If your choose Belle Microlocs®: Select the color(s) you desire in advance (found in the forms). This ensures that the chosen hues are available and ready for your stylists upon your arrival. Food & Snacks: Given the lengthy duration of the process, ensure you bring enough food and snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Entertainment: Electronic Devices: Bring along your iPad, computer, or any other device to keep you entertained. Make sure they're fully charged or bring chargers with you. Books: A good book can be a great companion, especially during the quieter moments of the installation. Headphones: If you'd like to immerse yourself in your music, podcast, or video, headphones are a must. Salon Environment: The salon usually has a mix of podcasts, music, and conversations. It's a great opportunity to discover new content or simply engage in interesting discussions. Rest & Alertness: Falling asleep during your install is discouraged. Ensure you get a good night's sleep before your appointment to stay alert throughout. Sleeping can disrupt the alignment of your grid and may result in uneven installations. Positive Energy: Your attitude and demeanor can set the tone for the entire session. Coming with a positive vibe not only enhances your experience but also boosts the morale of your stylist. A harmonious atmosphere helps the stylist perform their job with more precision and enthusiasm. Personal Belongings: Try not to bring too many items or a bulky coat as space might be limited. Keep your belongings minimal to avoid cluttering the workspace. Working During Install: If you're planning to work or engage in any activity during your installation, please adhere to the stylist's guidance regarding head placements. This is crucial to ensure the comfort of both you and the stylist. Proper head positioning prevents the stylist from straining and ensures the precision of the grid. Remember, this process requires teamwork and mutual understanding. Lastly, it's essential to be patient and maintain an open line of communication with your stylist. This ensures that you're both on the same page and any concerns or adjustments can be addressed promptly. Enjoy the transformation journey of your hair!
  • Which hair types can go with Belle Microlocs® (Microlocs with Extensions)?
    Everyone! Belle Microlocs® fit all hair types. However, to ensure the best fit and experience, a consultation is key. We'll review your specific hair profile and guide you to the right Belle Microlocs® style. Remember, regardless of your hair texture, patience, open-mindedness, and grace are essential. Your hair type will shape the final look of your Belle Microlocs, and the journey is part of the experience.
  • Who should get Microlocs?
    Microlocs are perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance hairstyle that boosts hair growth. If you're patient and ready for a change, here's what you need to know: Without Extensions Hair Types & Methods: All Hair Types: Both the Interlocking method and Microlocs Braids suit everyone. Kinky (non-frizzy) Hair Textures: Microlocs Twists are ideal. With Extensions At "Braids that Speak", we offer Belle Microlocs®. They're a fantastic choice if: You have healthy or damaged hair. You're experiencing hair loss, postpartum shedding, or lack of hair growth. You've treated your hair with chemicals, color, or heat. Belle Microlocs® empower women in diverse hair situations to embrace a bold look, boosting their confidence. It's vital to select the right technique. Trust your stylist's advice or ours! Got Damaged Hair? If your hair is chemically or heat-damaged and you're opting for extensions, be aware: damaged ends might peek out from the extensions. Don't worry; these can be trimmed during retightening sessions. If you don't want extensions but have damaged hair, consider trimming the affected parts about 2 months prior to installation. This ensures your hair is at its healthiest when you get your Microlocs. Remember, a consultation is key. It helps your stylist understand your hair and lifestyle, ensuring you get the best service tailored just for you.
  • What Type of Belle Microlocs® do we Offer?
    It's clear that Belle Microlocs® offers two distinct types to cater to varying aesthetic and functional needs. Both the braided and twisted versions offer unique benefits: Belle Microlocs Braids® Ideal for: Individuals with frizzy and fine hair textures. The braiding technique helps to keep the hair aligned and prevents frizzing around the extensions. This means you get a more sleek and polished look, especially when the hair is in its early stages. Over time, as the hair grows out, the braids will naturally thicken, offering a fuller look. Belle Microlocs Twists®: Ideal for: Those seeking a style that matures quickly into a loc. The twisting technique gives a coiled appearance, and as the hair naturally swells and frizzes (especially for those with super frizzy hair), the loc may not always have a uniform look. But for those who want a fast transformation into mature locs, this is the way to go. It's evident that the choice between Belle Microlocs Braids® and Belle Microlocs Twists® comes down to personal preferences, hair texture, and the desired outcome. Both options offer the core benefits of Belle Microlocs®, ensuring that users get the best of both aesthetics and functionality.
  • What is the installation time for Belle Microlocs®?
    The installation time for Belle Microlocs® can vary based on several factors. Here's a breakdown of what to expect: Duration: The process can take between 8 to 16 hours. Factors Affecting Time: The number of locticians working on your hair will influence the duration. More locticians can potentially reduce the time. The type of service you opt for also plays a role. Braids generally take longer to install than twists, and adding extensions will also increase the time required. Planning: It's advisable to keep your schedule clear for the entire day of your appointment. This way, if the process finishes earlier than anticipated, you can use the rest of your day as you see fit. For clients traveling from out of state, it's essential to avoid scheduling your flight on the same day as your Belle Microlocs® appointment. The team at Braids that Speak prioritizes quality over speed, and they will neither start your session later nor rush the installation process to accommodate your flight schedule. Breaks: The installation time includes occasional breaks for relaxation, restroom use, and stretching. This ensures comfort for both the client and the loctician. One of the standout features of Braids that Speak is their ability to provide "SAME DAY INSTALLS." This means you can walk out with a fresh set of Belle Microlocs® on the very day of your appointment. Remember to arrive well-prepared and in a relaxed state of mind, ensuring the installation process goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Can Belle Microlocs® be kept in permanently or temporarily?
    Belle Microlocs® offers flexibility in terms of how long they can be kept in, catering to both permanent and temporary preferences: Permanent Option: Belle Microlocs® are designed to be a permanent hairstyle, meaning they can be kept in indefinitely. As your natural hair grows, the microlocs will seamlessly integrate with the growth, allowing you to maintain and retighten them as needed. Temporary Option: If you decide you want a change or need to remove them for any reason, it's possible to take out the Belle Microlocs®. The ease of removal largely depends on the age of the locs and your patience. The older the locs, the more integrated and matured they become, making the removal process more time-consuming. Some clients choose to remove their Belle Microlocs® after having them for 2 years. Reasons for removal vary; for instance, if the length becomes too long or heavy to manage, especially with extensions. Another option is to trim them little by little until you get to where your hair ends then you can use a needle like tool to take down the extensions. However, you need to be cautious, especially if your natural hair is damaged or previously relaxed. When the locs are removed, your loose hair might still appear straight and damaged. In such cases, you might need to consider trimming the damaged parts of your hair. Some individuals opt for Belle Microlocs® as a transitional hairstyle, keeping them in only until they achieve their desired hair length. Ultimately, the choice to keep Belle Microlocs® permanently or temporarily is a personal one and depends on individual preferences, hair health, and lifestyle. It's always advisable to consult with a professional when making decisions related to removal to ensure the health and integrity of your natural hair.
  • What is the expected cost of starting and maintaining Belle Microlocs®?
    Starting and maintaining Belle Microlocs® comes with associated costs, which are outlined as follows: Starting Costs: Belle Microlocs® have a starting price of $1855. The final cost varies depending on the service, length, and part size you choose. For example, a length of 6-8 inches will be significantly cheaper than 18-20 inches. Opting for braids as a style starts at $2755. Hair Cost: The price you pay already includes the cost of the hair. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is priced at $170 for standard parts. Additional Information: For a detailed breakdown of all the services and their respective prices, you can refer to their full menu and pricing. It's essential to be aware that the prices are subject to change without prior notice. If you're considering Belle Microlocs®, it's recommended to inquire about current rates or check their official website or contact points for up-to-date information. Payment plans are now available for those who may need it. If you're interested in this option, it's best to mention it during your consultation. It's always a good idea to get a thorough understanding of all costs involved before committing to any hair service. This ensures you're well-prepared and can budget accordingly. Menu and Price list.
  • Why are more women opting for Microlocs and Belle Microlocs®?
    More women are gravitating towards Microlocs and specifically Belle Microlocs® for a myriad of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular: Simplicity and Low Maintenance: Microlocs, in general, offer a low-maintenance hair regimen. Once installed, they don't require regular combing, detangling, or frequent styling. Versatility: Belle Microlocs® provide the ability to switch up styles without committing to one look. They can be worn straight, curled, styled in updos, braided, and more. The options are limitless. Instant Length and Volume: Some women may have challenges growing their natural hair to a desired length or achieving a certain volume. Belle Microlocs® offer an immediate solution to this, providing both length and fullness. Ps. when it comes to volume, you only get voluminous locs if your loose hair is voluminous. Natural Appearance: The design of Belle Microlocs® ensures they look and feel like natural hair. They blend seamlessly with most hair textures, making them an attractive choice for those wanting a more organic look. Avoiding the "Ugly Phase": The initial stages of microlocs development can be unpredictable with hair often appearing frizzy and untamed. With Belle Microlocs®, women can skip this phase, enjoying a neat and tidy appearance from day one. Ps. there is nothing "ugly" about any of the phases. We used this terminology because it's what most people refer it to as. Hair Health and Protection: For women with damaged hair or those looking to protect their hair from external elements, Belle Microlocs® act as a protective style, safeguarding the hair from potential damage, breakage and over-manipulation. Personal and Spiritual Journey: Many women view locs not just as a hairstyle but as a spiritual or personal journey. The transformation and evolution of hair into locs can symbolize personal growth, freedom, or a connection to cultural or spiritual roots. Less Dependence on Hair Products: One of the advantages of having Microlocs is the reduced need for hair products. This not only saves money but also prevents potential buildup and residue in the hair. Unique and Trendy: As more celebrities and influencers embrace locs, the style has gained considerable traction. Belle Microlocs® offers a unique twist to traditional locs, making them a trendy choice. Empowerment and Self-Expression: For many, choosing to get Belle Microlocs® is an act of empowerment and self-expression, a way to embrace their natural beauty and make a statement. In conclusion, while the reasons vary from person to person, Belle Microlocs® offer a combination of convenience, versatility, and beauty, making them an attractive option for many women.
  • What are Belle Microlocs®?
    Belle Microlocs® are small-sized locs made using either two-strand twists or three-strand braids with added kinky human hair extensions. At first, they look like regular twists or braids, but as time passes, they transform into locs. These microlocs provide an instant versatile style and extra length for your hair. At Braids that Speak, we offer two variations: Belle® Microlocs Braids and Belle Microlocs® Twists.
  • What are the length options for Belle Microlocs®?
    Belle Microlocs® offers a variety of length options to cater to different preferences: Neck Length (NL): Length: 6-8 inches Description: This length typically reaches the neck area. It's a great choice for those who prefer a shorter, chic, and manageable length. Shoulder Length (SL): Length: 12-14 inches Description: As the name suggests, this length reaches the shoulder. It provides a medium-length style, offering more versatility than the neck length. Pre-Arm Pit Length (PAPL): Length: 16 inches Description: This length extends just before the arm pit, giving a longer, flowing look. Mid-back Length (MBL): Length: 18 inches Description: The locs in this category reach the mid-back area. It's perfect for those who love a longer loc style that flows down their back. Important Consideration: It's essential to understand that kinky hair behaves differently than straight hair. If your Belle Microlocs® appear shorter than expected, simply spraying some water can help elongate the hair. Moreover, individual height variations can also affect the perceived length of the locs; what may seem like mid-back length on one person might appear differently on someone taller or shorter. Lastly, remember, your hair will grow out so consider this when choosing the right length for you.
  • What are the color options for Belle Microlocs®?
    The color options available for Belle Microlocs® are: Black Shades: #1: Jet Black #1b: Off Black Brown Shades: #2: Dark Brown #3: Dark Medium Brown #4: Medium Brown #6: Light Brown Blonde/Platinum: #613: Light Pale Blonde #27: Honey Blonde Auburn/Copper/Red: #30: Medium Auburn Grey Shades (Salt & Pepper): #280: Off Black with 5-10% Grey #39: Off Black with 50% Grey Customers have the flexibility to choose 1-2 colors from this list. If someone's hair is already colored, it's essential to note that a perfect color match cannot be guaranteed. Brighter colors, especially shades other than black, have undergone chemical processing to achieve the color. If you opt for such shades, it's advisable to use a leave-in conditioner to maintain the hair's softness. To ensure the best look, it's recommended to choose the color closest to the natural hair texture.
  • What makes Belle Microlocs® special?
    Belle Microlocs® are special for several reasons: Neat Grid with Part Size Options: Belle Microlocs® are installed in a neat and precise grid, allowing for various part sizes depending on the individual's preference and hair density. Instant Length: They provide an immediate boost in volume (for some) and length for all, allowing clients to achieve their desired hair length without waiting for their natural hair to grow. Versatile Styling: These microlocs can be curled, shaped, and styled in a multitude of ways, granting flexibility in appearance. Hair Coloring: The high-quality hair used allows for coloring, enabling clients to achieve or maintain their desired hair shade or explore with bright colors. Lightweight: Belle Microlocs® are extremely lightweight, ensuring comfort and reducing stress on the scalp. Same Day Installation: Unlike some other hair installations that may take multiple sessions, Belle Microlocs® can be installed in just one session. Our out of town/state clients appreciate this. Low Maintenance & Painless: These microlocs are designed to be low maintenance and the installation process is painless, ensuring a comfortable experience for clients. Fast Transition into Locs: Belle Microlocs® Twists evolve into locs at a quicker rate, allowing clients to achieve the loc'd look sooner. The braids take longer. Multiple Length Options: Clients have the flexibility to choose from various lengths to match their desired look. Longevity: One of the significant benefits is that they don't need to be cut off. This means they can remain as a long-term hairstyle if desired. Natural Installation: Only one additional product is used during the installation process, making it a healthier option for the scalp and hair. We use a light weight gel during the sectioning only to ensure our 6 main sections are as straight as possible. Beneficial for Thin/Damaged Hair: Belle Microlocs® are particularly beneficial for clients experiencing hair thinning, providing an instant longer length to help camouflage the thin area(s). This combination of benefits and features makes Belle Microlocs® a sought-after choice for many seeking a durable, stylish, and versatile loc option.
  • If I have alopecia or thinning, can I get Belle Microlocs®?
    Yes, individuals with alopecia or thinning can certainly consider Belle Microlocs® as a hair solution. This service was specifically developed with hair loss concerns in mind. Over the years, we have worked with numerous clients who faced different types of hair loss and have seen positive results. Here's what you need to know: Purpose: Belle Microlocs® was created to cater to those experiencing hair loss. The method provides a way to achieve a fuller look even with thinning hair. Assessment: It's essential to understand that not everyone with thinning may be a suitable candidate for Belle Microlocs®. The remaining hair must be strong enough to support the weight of the locs to prevent further damage or stress. Realistic Expectations: Hair growth patterns and outcomes can be unpredictable. Therefore, clients should manage their expectations about volume and growth when opting for Belle Microlocs®, especially if they have significant hair loss. Consult a Dermatologist: Before deciding to get Belle Microlocs®, we advise clients with alopecia or thinning to consult with a dermatologist. It's crucial to ensure that the hair follicles are healthy and can handle the service without causing more damage. Benefits over Other Styles: Belle Microlocs® offer advantages over other protective styles like braids and weaves. Due to reduced hair manipulation and stress on the hair, many clients have noticed regrowth, especially in areas like the edges and the middle of the head. In conclusion, while Belle Microlocs® can be a great option for those with alopecia or thinning, it's essential to take the necessary precautions, seek professional advice, and maintain realistic expectations to achieve the best results. If you are experiencing hair loss, we do not recommend micro parts. No exceptions!
  • What hair do we use for Belle Microlocs™?
    Hair We Utilize for Our Services: We exclusively use high-quality Afro kinky human hair for our Belle Microlocs installations. The benefits of this hair type include: Versatility: It can be dyed to match or enhance your natural hair color. Maintainability: You can wash and treat it just like your own hair, ensuring it blends seamlessly. Natural Appearance: The texture closely mimics natural Afro-textured hair, providing a realistic look. For those interested in purchasing or viewing the exact hair we use, click here.
  • How do Belle Microlocs® change as they age?
    Belle Microlocs® undergo a transformation as they age, and their aging process is dependent on whether they begin as twists or braids. Belle Microlocs Twists Shrinkage: These twists can shrink up to 2-3 inches within the first year. After approximately a year and a half, they start to lengthen as your natural hair grows out and as you continue with regular maintenance. Budding: The budding process begins around week 2, especially in the back. This budding can make the locs appear shorter in the back until the front catches up. Appearance: Twists might give the illusion of being shorter than the length you initially opted for due to faster shrinkage, but this is a natural part of the maturation process. Maturity: Twists transition to mature locs more quickly than braids. Belle Microlocs Braids Shrinkage: These do not shrink significantly, thus retaining most of their original length. Appearance: The braid pattern may remain visible for a longer time, but it's subtle. It would be hard for someone to detect the braids unless they examine your hair closely. Regardless of whether you opt for twists or braids, the aging process of Belle Microlocs® is beautiful. It's a transformative journey, and as with any hair journey, it requires patience and understanding. Belle Microlocs® are distinct from styles like Senegalese twists or box braids, so setting realistic expectations and embracing the changes is essential. Additionally, it's worth noting that because extensions are incorporated into Belle Microlocs®, there is a potential for slippage. This isn't attributable to any specific cause but is a natural outcome, especially if your hair is finer, softer, or shorter. The likelihood of slippage increases in areas like the nape and perimeter, primarily if exposed to water regularly. While various techniques are employed to prevent slippage, it remains a possibility. It's essential to approach Belle Microlocs® with an open mind and an understanding of the natural evolution of this hairstyle.
  • What should I expect if I schedule my Microlocs maintenance after the advised 8-week interval?
    It's clear that timely maintenance of Microlocs is essential to both the health of your hair and the overall appearance of the locs. Here is the detailed information on what to expect if you exceed the recommended 8-week period between retightenings: Additional Charges: There is an overgrowth fee of $80 for those who wait beyond the 8-week period, and this fee is subject to change without notice. Longer Process: Overgrown roots can complicate the retightening process, necessitating more time for the stylist to reconstruct and retighten locs. Scheduling Communication: If you've surpassed the recommended time for a retie, inform the salon when booking to ensure they can allocate adequate time for your service. For retightening, reach out to the customer service line at 484-262-0277. Avoid Incomplete Services: Failing to notify the salon of overdue retightening may lead to incomplete services due to the strict scheduling of stylists. Salon Retightening: Booking retightening appointments directly at the salon is highly advised, as their schedule is tight with clients. Slippage Protocol: If you experience slippage, it's crucial to return to the salon quickly for repair to prevent the issue from recurring. Make sure to inform the salon about any slippage when booking your appointment. Time Allocation: Informing the salon about slippage when booking your appointment allows them to allocate sufficient time for repairs alongside the retightening. Remember to plan and schedule your maintenance visits within the recommended timeframe to ensure the best care for your Microlocs and to minimize potential issues and additional costs.
  • When is the ideal time to color my Microlocs?
    For those considering Microlocs with their natural hair, it's best to arrive at the salon with the hair color you're willing to keep for at least the first year. Coloring, especially lightening the hair, within the first year can affect the texture and integrity of the hair, leading to potential damage. When it comes to covering grays, remember that all hair dyes involve chemicals that could affect your locs. Some clients choose henna as a natural alternative; however, it can leave a build-up if not rinsed out thoroughly. It's advisable to consult with an experienced loc colorist for personalized advice on covering grays. For those with Belle Microlocs, waiting 6-12 months is prudent to allow your locs to mature and ensure you're not experiencing any slippage, as the coloring process can introduce moisture that might soften the hair, increasing the risk of slippage. Although coloring the locs at this stage is possible, it's important to note that the extension hair may respond differently to color than your natural hair, resulting in varied shades. It's illustrated by Tatiana's experience, who colored her Belle Microlocs at 6 months without any complications. However, the extensions showed a slight variation in color. For those planning to color their locs eventually, selecting extension colors like #4, 6, 27, 30, 613, or bright tones is recommended for better color uptake. Darker shades such as #1 and #1B may not achieve the desired lightness. Tatiana achieved her color without bleaching and suggests a gradual lightening approach over time. Currently, if coloring services become available at our salon, we will notify our clients accordingly.
  • When should I come for my Microlocs maintenance/retightening (Retie)?
    It's essential to follow a consistent maintenance schedule for Microlocs to ensure they stay healthy and well-groomed. Here’s a summary of the recommended timeline for maintenance or retightening: Schedule Retightening's: Ideally every 4-6 weeks, based on how quickly your hair grows. Avoid Delays: Going beyond 8 weeks can complicate maintenance, leading to longer sessions and additional overgrowth costs. Pain-Free Process: Regular, timely maintenance shouldn't hurt. Delaying can cause discomfort due to matting and merging of locs. Planning Ahead: Maintenance appointments can fill quickly; book in advance to secure your spot. Handling Slippage: With any hairstyle, there are risks that Microlocs is no exception. If you have Microlocs with extensions, slippage may occur. In such instances, contact the salon immediately for advice and potential fixes. Return for Fixes: If you experience slippage or other issues, it's best to return to the original salon for repairs as soon as possible. Follow Recommendations: Adhering to the salon's recommended services is crucial. Opting out might lead to more severe problems and extra costs down the line. Appointment Contact: For retightening or to address any issues, reach out to the customer service line at 484-262-0277. It's important to trust the process and expertise of the professionals who install your Microlocs, especially when it comes to managing potential slippage. Their recommendations are aimed at maintaining the quality and longevity of your locs. Remember, microlocs is a low maintenance style, NOT no maintenance.
  • What is the recommended method for washing my Microlocs?
    To maintain the health and appearance of your Microlocs, it's best to follow a simple washing routine, especially if you don't have any specific scalp conditions that require additional care. Here's the suggested method for washing your Microlocs: 1. Clarifying Shampoo: Start with a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp, removing all oils and product buildup. If you find this type too harsh, you could opt for a sulfate-free shampoo that also helps in removing buildup without being overly drying. 2. Moisturizing Shampoo: Follow up with a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate and nourish your hair. This step is important to maintain the moisture balance after the clarifying process. 3. Washing Frequency: You should shampoo your Microlocs three times during each wash session — twice with the clarifying shampoo and once with the moisturizing shampoo. 4. Drying: After washing, use a microfiber towel to gently dry your Microlocs. Avoid covering them or exposing them to steam when they are damp, as this can lead to frizz and potentially cause slippage, especially if you have extensions. 5. Thorough Rinsing: Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly between each wash to prevent any shampoo or product residue from building up in your Microlocs. 6. Frequency of Washes: It is recommended to wash your hair twice a month during the first year of your locs. Each person's scalp needs are unique so ask us about your specific situation if you need guidance. Additional Services: If you prefer not to wash your hair yourself, Braids That Speak offers a $25 shampoo service at their salons. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Microlocs stay clean, healthy, and looking their best.
  • If I have a scalp condition that requires frequent washing, how should I manage my Microlocs?
    For individuals with scalp conditions that necessitate frequent hair washing, managing Microlocs retightening appointments requires some special consideration: Choose the Right Style: Opting for Microlocs with braids might be more suitable than twists to reduce the risk of unraveling or slippage due to frequent washing. Consult a Dermatologist: It's essential to work with a dermatologist who can recommend or prescribe specialized shampoos that help manage your scalp condition without harming your Microlocs. Schedule Adjustments: You may need to schedule your retightening appointments closer together to accommodate the increased washing. This ensures that your locs remain neat and reduces the chance of matting and tangling. Communicate with Your Loctician: Keep your loctician informed about your scalp condition and your washing frequency. They can provide advice tailored to your situation and adjust their maintenance strategy accordingly. Avoid Dry Shampoos: Typically, dry shampoos are not recommended for Microlocs as they can leave residues that are difficult to remove and may lead to buildup within the locs. Regular Maintenance: Keep up with regular maintenance appointments as advised by your loctician, and seek their guidance if any issues arise due to your scalp condition or washing routine. Always follow the guidance of both your dermatologist and loctician to ensure the health of both your scalp and your Microlocs.
  • Do I need to Braid and Band my Microlocs before washing?
    Braiding and banding before washing your Microlocs can be an effective method to manage frizz and maintain the integrity of your locs during the washing process. This technique is especially beneficial if: You have Microlocs with your own natural hair, as it helps to prevent unraveling and keep your locs intact. You have Belle Microlocs or any type of locs with extensions and are concerned about frizz or want to ensure more control while washing. Here's a brief guide on how to braid and band: 1. Sectioning: Divide your Microlocs into several sections. The number of sections will depend on the thickness and length of your locs. 2. Braiding: Braid each section of your locs. You don't need to braid tightly; a loose braid will do the job of keeping your locs organized. 3. Banding: Secure the ends of each braid with a hair band. You can also band the roots to prevent new growth from tangling or matting during the wash. If you find this process challenging or time-consuming, or if you simply prefer professional care, Braids That Speak offers washing services at all their salon locations. You can have your locs braided, banded, and washed by a professional to ensure your Microlocs are properly maintained.
  • How much is our Non-refundable Deposit?
    Understanding Our Deposit Policy for Microlocs Installation Deposit Amount: The deposit for securing a Microlocs installation appointment is **$500**. This deposit is crucial in guaranteeing your slot and allows us to carry out the necessary preparations for your visit. Non-Refundable: Please be advised that the deposit is strictly non-refundable. We dedicate resources and time to schedule and prepare for your appointment, and the deposit ensures that these efforts are respected. Rescheduling: We understand that life can be unpredictable. Should you need to change your appointment, your deposit entitles you to **one opportunity to reschedule** to a new date. We ask that you contact us as soon as you know you need to change your appointment to assist you better. Cancellation Policy: If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of your appointment, the deposit will be forfeited. We apply this policy without exceptions to maintain fairness and efficiency in our scheduling. Communication: If you're uncertain about your availability or if an emergency arises, please get in touch with us at the earliest convenience. You can reach our customer service at 484-262-0277 or email us at We appreciate your understanding and are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience from start to finish.
  • How do I book a virtual consultation?
    To book a virtual consultation with us, simply follow the easy steps below: 1. Ensure you've read through our services and aftercare information to understand what we offer and how to maintain your microlocs after installation. 2. Click this link to Book a Consultation. 3. Choose a date and time that suits your schedule from the available slots. 4. Fill in any required information, such as your contact details and any specific questions or preferences you might have. It's important to have photos of your hair in it's most natural state ready to upload. We must be able to see your true hair texture so do not submit photos of your hair in a style. 5. Submit your request, and you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your virtual consultation, including how to join the session (typically via a video call platform). 6. Make sure to be prepared for your consultation by having a list of questions or topics you’d like to discuss with our loctician. Remember, our virtual consultations are a great way to get personalized advice and answers to all your microlocs questions. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to beautiful microlocs!
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