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Raul Di Blasio: The Piano of America

Raul Di Blasio: The Piano of America

Raul Di Blasio is a composer and pianist from Argentina who has been called "The Piano of America" for his expressive and romantic style. He has released 21 albums between 1983 and 2008, covering genres such as easy listening, Latin pop, instrumental and baroque. He has also collaborated with many famous singers, such as Julio Iglesias, Josà JosÃ, PlÃcido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.

Raul Di Blasio - Discography [21 CD] (1983-2008)


In this article, we will review his discography and highlight some of his most popular songs and achievements.

1983 - Alrededor del mundo

This was Di Blasio's debut album, which featured instrumental versions of songs from around the world, such as "La vie en rose" from France, "O sole mio" from Italy, "Yesterday" from England and "Besame mucho" from Mexico. The album showcased Di Blasio's versatility and talent as a pianist and arranger.

1985 - Sur de AmÃrica

This album was a tribute to the music of South America, with songs from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. Di Blasio blended traditional rhythms and melodies with his own style, creating a unique fusion of sounds. Some of the highlights of this album were "CorazÃn de niÃo" (Child's heart), which became one of his signature songs, "El cÃndor pasa" (The condor passes), a classic Andean tune, and "Carioca" (Carioca), a lively Brazilian samba.

1989 - El piano de AmÃrica

This was the album that launched Di Blasio to international fame, as it sold more than one million copies worldwide. It featured songs from different countries of Latin America, such as "Aguas de invierno" (Waters of winter) from Chile, "Luna de ParÃs" (Moon of Paris) from Cuba, "Eva" (Eve) from Ecuador and "Barroco" (Baroque) from Venezuela. The album also included a duet with Josà JosÃ, one of the most popular singers in Latin America, on the song "Lo que no fue no serÃ" (What was not will not be).

1991 - Barroco

This album was a homage to the baroque era of music, with Di Blasio playing his own arrangements of pieces by composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Handel and Pachelbel. The album also featured guest appearances by PlÃcido Domingo on the song "Ave MarÃa" (Hail Mary) and Luciano Pavarotti on the song "Ombra mai fu" (Never was a shade). The album was a critical and commercial success, earning Di Blasio a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Pop Album.

1993 - En tiempo de amor

This album was a collection of romantic ballads, some of them composed by Di Blasio himself, such as "Melissa", "PenÃlope" and "Solo". The album also included covers of songs by artists such as Elton John ("Your song"), Billy Joel ("Just the way you are") and Lionel Richie ("Hello"). The album was another hit for Di Blasio, who won a Billboard Music Award for Latin Pop Album of the Year.

1994 - Piano

This album was a return to Di Blasio's roots as a solo pianist, with no vocals or other instruments. It featured original compositions by Di Blasio, such as "Hasta que te conocÃ" (Until I met you), "CorazÃn partÃo" (Broken heart) and "Amor eterno" (Eternal love). The album also included a tribute to John Lennon with a medley of his songs. The album was praised by critics and fans alike for its simplicity and beauty.

1995 - Entre amigos

This album was a celebration of Di Blasio's friendships with other artists, who joined him on various duets. Some of the guests were Julio Iglesias on "La carretera" (The road), Marco Antonio SolÃs on "Si no te hubieras ido" ( 0efd9a6b88

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