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One-on-One Live Training


Requirements: For Master Braiders/ Locticians who can catch the techniques simply by looking and can grasp concepts very fast. You MUST know how to grip, braid and twist and add extensions You must already know a great deal about various hair types and also understand what frizzy natural hair means. You must have some experience or be quite knowledgeable about microlocs Structure: You will listen to Tatiana go through several live consultation calls and learn how to determine the best service for each client. Tatiana will go through each and every step of the Microlocs TWISTS process. You will learn how to achieve the Belle Microlocs BRAIDS as well. You will be taught how to achieve layered locs naturally Tatiana will demonstrate how to do a retie or do the interlocking method (you will be required to submit videos of your work to show you are practicing or have grasped the concepts). Breaks will be included Duration: As long as it takes to finish (prepare for 10hrs) You can stop me and ask questions at any point in time You will receive a certificate of completion Bonus: Talk to a former trainee and get some advice and tips from her Tatiana will share her top tips to taking very clean and concise photos and share the editing tools and photography materials she uses daily




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