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2 Weeks Intensive Training & Internship


Structure: Topic One: Consultation Topic Two: Parting Topic Three: Belle Microlocs Hair Topic Four: Gripping & Attachment Topic Five: Braids vs. Twists Topic Six: Extending the Hair Topic Seven: Trimming/Shaping Topic Eight: Maintenance & Retie Topic Nine: Pricing Topic Ten: How to get your first 5 clients Bonus Topic: Alopecia Client Requirements: For Master Braiders/ Locticians who prefer in person lessons. You MUST know how to grip, braid and twist and add extensions You don’t have to be knowledgeable about microlcs but start doing some research You must be available for 10 days (weekdays only) 5 days for the actual training on real life clients You will get hands-on training and actually practice everything you learn on at least 3 clients. 5 days of internship (you will be paid a stipend) Benefits: This is a one-on-one training You will be most prepared when you start taking clients on your own You will have worked on at least 5 clients and have pictures of your work You will officially become a Belle Microlocs™ Consultant Tatiana will be able to refer clients to you You have access to Tatiana and can ask questions as often as you need to You can use our name and trademark You will practice on a variety of clients with various hair textures so you can hit the ground running immediately after your internship You will be able to do reties/maintenance You will learn how to fix issues that emerge (elongating locks, thickening locs) You will be able to charge similar rate




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