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Where hair becomes art and self-expression knows no bounds. Join us in embracing transformative beauty through Microlocs and Belle Microlocs®. Your journey starts here – let's explore together!

Embrace the ease of versatile, low-maintenance hair that enhances your confidence and complements your dynamic lifestyle. With our Microlocs and Belle Microlocs® services, enjoy more time, greater freedom, and a natural look that aligns seamlessly with your daily routine.

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Our Doors are Always Open

Monday                   8 AM–9 PM
Tuesday                  8 AM–9 PM

Wednesday              8 AM–9 PM

Thursday                 8 AM–9 PM  

Friday                      8 AM–9 PM

Saturday                 8 AM–9 PM

Sunday.                  8 AM–9 PM


Master Your Craft 

with Tatiana

The skills you need to take your game to the next level!

Here's how to get started:

Belle Microlocs™ Online Course

Become a 6 figures Belle Microlocs® consultant TODAY and start attracting high paying client.

The 6+ Figures Belle Belle Microlocs™ Academy

Find out how Tatiana can help your business thrive through 1:1 consulting and group coaching. Schedule a call to know more about the 6+ Figures Belle Belle Microlocs™ Academy

Belle Microlocs™ Workshop

Become a Certified Belle Microlocs Consultant: Enroll in the 2 Day Belle Microlocs Live Workshop and train with Master Trainer, Tatiana.



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